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Translation plugin

Published on: January 25, 2017 at 12:08 pm · By: bahus

As should be called the translation plug-in files and where they should lie?
Created in the program poedit translation files. I call them standard and gd-rating-system-ru_RU.po. Place the file in the folder plug-in languages. The plugin does not see these files. In the folder cms   /wp-content/languages/plugins/ plug these files also can not see.
How to make the plugin to see and accept the translation files?

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    Is your WordPress set to ru_RU? WordPress loads translation files for plugins, only if WordPress is switched to the particular language. You can attach your translation files here, and I can try it out.

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    Yes, in the settings wordpress installed ru_RU.

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    I think that MO file is not valid, the part where the translations should be is too short to contain any translations. Are you sure that you have exported MO correctly? How many strings have you translated?

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    Created files repeatedly in file-save as. Just create two files and po mo. Nothing changed.
    I went in a roundabout way. File-compile to mo format. I create mo file. Further, through the file-save as created both files. According to the old links can be downloaded.
    As a result, the translation plug-in to see the files (at least in the admin panel for sure).
    In the first case the translation was created from a template gd-rating-system.pot.
    In the second case the translation was created through a translation program menu plug-in which she PROGRAM IS plugin scans files and creates a translation.
    Perhaps in the template file contains inaccuracies, because of which creates an incorrect mo file.

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    POT file included is current, and the fact that you have valid PO file (the one you sent) proves that it is OK. I am not sure what is happening, but this looks more like the POEdit issue. I can’t help you with that.

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    Thank you for participating. Already everything is fine. To create the correct files. Plugin saw them. Translation displayed.

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