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Update from 3.8.1 to 5.5

Published on: May 1, 2017 at 4:08 pm · By: aldorr

Dear dev4press,

I am updating a client’s site to the most up to date versions of everything.
Unfortunately they haven’t updated in about 5 years!

At first glance, everything seems similar, and I do have to update the settings.
But then it seems the settings don’t have the same effect as previous versions.
I chose Navigate and set it up…

1. The pages I would like to exclude, don’t show the menu, but they always show the title.
2. The title that is shown in the menu (on ALL the pages), is the title of the page itself, and not the parent.
In the current version, it is the parent page’s title, which seems more logical, because it’s a navigation.

Is the behavior of version 3.8.1 still available, or did the update change some basic things that won’t allow me to have the menu show up the same way as before.

Link to current/old menu version (3.8.1):
Notice, the title of the menu is “Our Products” (in German)
Notice, the menu does not show up, which is correct…

Screenshots from local updated installation (5.5):
Notice the title is one of the menu items. (Should be “Our Products”)
Shoot, Menu shows up, even though it is excluded in the preferences.

If you have any ideas on how I can get the behavior back, or why it has changed, I would be sincerely grateful.
Otherwise… I think I’ll have to modify your plugin.

Thanks and kind regards,
Allan Dorr

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    The plugin was 100% rewritten for version 5.0, and things were changed to use WordPress own queries for better accuracy, so there is no way to go back to the methods in version 3.x. I do not plan to make any changes to change that.

    From what I can see, there is one bug where widget shows when empty (and should have been hidden). I can look into that and see why that happens.


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    Sorry for bothering you folks about a free plugin.
    I decided it would be easier just to write a little php code and uninstall the plugin.

    Thanks anyway,

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    Thanks so much for replying. I am sure it’s not a priority for you. And no longer for me either: Since I knew exactly what specific thing was supposed to happen with the menu, I just coded it in php in a much simpler widget.
    Hope all is well. And maybe I at least helped you quash one little bug.

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