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Upload rights error Participant

Published on: July 19, 2017 at 2:24 pm · By: Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F.


Hoe do I get the Participant to upload files? The settings are like the Participant should be able to upload docs. But I get the below error when uploading a small PDF

error: Upload Errors: x.pdf: File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.

If I do this as a moderater all is fine? There is nothing in the Apache error logs. Does anybody has a clue?

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    Settings, see screenshot

    edit: I just found out that one PDF (i made myself) I could upload as a participant but another not (size is about 600kb)?
    But I can as a Moderater. I think this is realy strange? What could this be? Why can a Participant upload PDF A but NOT PDF B as the MOD can do both?

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    I see that you have a license for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, yet this screenshot is for GD bbPress Attachments (free plugin). Do you use Pro plugin or not? Also, DO NOT use both free and pro plugin at the same time, that is not tested and it might produce undesired effects, and this upload problem can be connected to that.

    In any case, the important thing to know is this: upload is done by WordPress, and the message is not related to my plugin – it comes either from WordPress or from PHP itself. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has much better upload module with better control, control over file types and errors log.


    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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    Sorry I run the Free version because after I installed the Pro version, nothing worked anymore. 🙁 Now I run the free version if I enable loging op GD bbPress Attachment Plugin I see the error. If I shut down the plugin I cannot upload any file anymore. I never installed the plugin at the same time. Do you have a help service to install the Pro version, because I coun’t?

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    See screenshot

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    Pro version is used by thousands of users, and it is very, very stable, and no one ever had a problem that ‘nothing worked’ when it is installed. If you can give me some specific errors you get with the plugin, I would be happy to help you with them, but I need specific problems listed to have something to go with.

    As for the upload, the errors you get are coming either from WordPress upload code in Media Library and PHP, and you can try to check first how large file is allowed in GD bbPress Attachments plugin, how large is the limit of the upload and POST request in the php.ini. Check this article:

    Another issue that can cause this, is that plugin was not loading JavaScript needed to make all this work, and you should try to use ‘Always load’ option from plugin settings. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro doesn’t have this issue, and it has intelligent method for loading JS and CSS files it needs.


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    I am going to try again with the Pro version!

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    Solved!! The Pro plugin works! Thx!

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    Excellent. If you find any issues with the Pro version, please let me know, and I will try to help you. I am closing this topic for now.

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