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Has something changed with htmlfy in v 3.5?
On my dev site, v3,5.1, my already Html formatted emails (from wp-members) are now being wrapped in your default template I think (because “GD Mail Queue plugin for WordPress by Dev4Press ” has been added as a footer in a wrap around ‘box’). It messes up my look and feel of emails.
this doesn’t happen on my production site ,v3.4.2.

On both the sites
htmlfy is enabled
In template “what to use” is set to “built in html template” and “built-in template” is set to “Clean template with content and foooter area”

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    further testing
    it isn’t happening with emails from my forum (asgaros forum plugin) on my dev site. SO maybe a problem with just wp-member emails????
    I am essentially using the same html as a template for all my emails with just some textural ‘content’ changes

    Specifically i am testing the wp-members password reset email. in the above

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    Sorry for the inconvenience

    I had removed this filter in my dev site functions.php

    add_filter( ‘wpmem_email_headers’, ‘html_email’ );
    function html_email() {
    return “Content-Type: text/html”;

    Reactivation fixed the email format

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    OK, thanks for the info. Closing this now.

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