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How do I access the attachments once uploaded?

Published on: September 3, 2011 at 1:45 am · By: Anonymous

I just installed GD bbPress Attachments and all appeared to go well. I see the attachments field when posting a comment. I can attach a file and it appears to upload. For some reason I cannot see how the attachment is made available to the other users. Shouldn’t it be like a link or something within the reply that others can click on and download? Or am I not understanding how this plugin works?

Also, where do the files go when they are uploaded, /wp-content/uploads/ ? This would be a very useful plugin, any help would be greatly appreciated…

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    I have updated info on the plugin page:

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    Hi, MillaN:

    I have the same issue on my multisite WP’s sub-blog, I cannot see how the attachment is made available to the other users.

    Please help!


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    Everything is explained on the plugin page. I don’t understand what you ask on hoe the attachments are available. Please explain what is happening exactly.

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    I found out what the issue is. The files are not uploading for some reason. Can you point me in the right direction to fix this? any help is greatly appreciated.

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    All files are uploaded using WordPress upload functions same as with WordPress media library. If you haven’t set that properly yet, plugin will not work. Nothing special is needed for plugin to upload files: only working media library.

    Also, maybe size restrictions are in play, and you try to upload larger file than allowed. Check plugin settings for that.

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    Thanks MillaN for your assistance. It is working now. Initially, after installing, I tried several times to upload files and for some reason it was not working. I appreciate your patience.

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    No problem, most likely some restriction applied.

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    Sorry to bother you again. After a more thoroughly testing the plugin I have realize that I can upload attachments to a Topic (without fail every time) only but am not able to attach a file to a Reply. Is this the normal way that the plugin should work? If not any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    No, it makes no difference to plugin if the attachment is in topic or reply. But, I will check it out.

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    Here is the site. The forum is public.

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    Hi Milan,
    thanks for the great work!
    I want to report the same problem, like kevin mentioned, the uplaod is not working for replies only when creating a new topic.

    I use twentyten, bbpress 2.0, everything seems ok.

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    I have no issues with uploading on topics or replies. As you can see, there is attachment uploaded with this reply.

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    Hi MillaN!

    I too have this issue. At first I thought the plugin was not uploading but now I see that it will only upload on the initial topic not on a reply to topic…

    Any idea how to fix this? is this a setup issue?



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    One more bit of info, no error is shown presented and I am using theme 2010 bbpress edition. wordpress 3.2 / bbpress 2.0

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    I will check this again, but I have no problems with any uploading.

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    Hi MillaN – I installed bbpress and your plugin and am having the same issue. The file appears to be uploading but, I do not see it on my server nor in the post. My site is at ‘pacificbeach dot me’ and is on the discussions page.

    I tested in chrome and IE.

    My permissions for my /wp-content/upload/ directory are 777.

    If you have any questions that might help me give you more helpful information that would be great. I can see you’re able to add attachments and perhaps it’s a php setting or something to that effect? Thanks much.

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    I have no issues with upload. But, next 1.3 version will have log for this, to see why upload failed.

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    I don’t get it. I’m glad the upload is working for you but, as you know there are a myriad of settings on one’s server. Rather than just telling us over and over that it works for you how about telling us what your setup is?

    Perhaps it’s a permission issue? A WP settings issue? Surely there must be a way rather than just telling us to wait? You asked for bug reports and we’re trying to give them to you so we can utilize your tool… which I greatly appreciate but, now have to reconsider bbpress because I *must* be able to add attachments.


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    I apologize for my tone MillaN. Frustrated. I do a lot of pro-bono stuff myself and it’s those clients that tend to be the biggest pain in the butt. So, thanks!

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    I said before, upload is handled by WordPress, plugin is not having own upload code that is different from that. If you have limits in place with WordPress media library and upload, they will be used here also.

    So far for most people upload not working was actually working but they tried to upload file bigger than allowed or something like that.

    If you have an error log that can help, please upload it here. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the next version that will have upload logging.

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    I’ve been trying everything I can and by changing the ‘New Default User Role’ in the /settings/general’ section of the WP panel to ‘Subscriber’… even for an existing bbp user… I’m now able to upload attachments.

    I’ve tried many things and believe this is what triggered the fix as I had it set to ‘Forum Participant’ and could not get anything to upload.

    Hope this helps narrow things down.

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    Thanks. User roles can be the problem if not set right, that’s why plugin has options to select roles that are allowed to upload.

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    Any idea why the uploaded file does not inherit the parent folders’ security permissions? We’re getting the ubiquitous (and meaningless) “500 – Internal server error.” error message when clicking on the file icon. Once we tweak security at a parent folder level and the security settings cascade down to the uploaded file, everything is OK, but not until then. This is a Windows 2008 VM running IIS.

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    Attachments are handled by WordPress not the plugin. So, same rules apply for files upload with plugin as with the WordPress. Also, 500 is not meaningless, it says that there is an error and that error is logged into server error log. Get the log, and we can try to find out what is going on. But if your changes to folder security are working, than your access to upload folder is not set right. If it is not working for this plugin, it will not work for WordPress.

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    You are right. We discovered that the same problem exists when uploaded directly from the “Media Library” section. Seems to be a common Windows/IIS, but the solution is uncommonly elusive. Thanks for writing back.

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