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How do I access the attachments once uploaded?

Published on: September 3, 2011 at 1:45 am · By: Anonymous

I just installed GD bbPress Attachments and all appeared to go well. I see the attachments field when posting a comment. I can attach a file and it appears to upload. For some reason I cannot see how the attachment is made available to the other users. Shouldn’t it be like a link or something within the reply that others can click on and download? Or am I not understanding how this plugin works?

Also, where do the files go when they are uploaded, /wp-content/uploads/ ? This would be a very useful plugin, any help would be greatly appreciated…

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    Yes, IIS can be a bit stubborn to be set up properly with things like this.

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    I have just installed this plugin and had this same upload issue but then discovered I could attach on “new” topics and replys only and not on the “Edits” of topics and replys. I am using Admin account. This can’t be by design because the offer to attach is displayed on the edit forms. Appreciate any help you can give.

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    Edit form is not supported yet. This is on the plans list for 1.3 version, hopefully to be released in about week or two.

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    I’m having the same troubles everyone else is claiming. I’m trying to upload as the Administrator. So I don’t see how my problem could be a permissions/user role issue. No file is uploaded on new topics or replies. I can, however, upload a file from the WP admin and thus, shows up as an attachment on the topic. But that defeats the purpose. The file I’m uploading is a simply jpg that is 10k in size.

    A few observations here between your forum here and the plugin by default, running on a default Twenty-Ten theme or Twenty-Eleven theme.

    On the upload form below, clicking “add another file” adds the 2nd, 3rd, 4th input. By default on my setup, the javascript for this doesn’t work. It simply #’s the url and doesn’t add the additional fields. In the plugin settings, I have js and css both checked and saved. I have the “Maximum files to upload” set to 4. So it should so more than that.

    So I suspect that if the javascript portion isn’t working right out of the box, then something else must be going on to where it’s not just “install and activate the plugin and it’s ready to go”.

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    Plugin doesn’t require anything special to work. What you need in WordPress to make upload of images work (Media Library), is used here. When file needs to be uploaded with this plugin, it will use WordPress media library. If your media library in WP is not working, this plugin will not work also. Usually, media library uploads files in wp-content/uploads folder.

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    The Media Library works just fine every site I’ve tested this on. The plugin just doesn’t upload anything. I’m able to upload images from the WP-admin side with no problem. The images just don’t upload from the attachment input in the forum (the plugin).

    And again as I mentioned, the javascript to “add another file” doesn’t work. The attachment upload and javascript on this site may work, but it doesn’t work “by default” on any other theme, such as Twenty-Ten or Twenty-Eleven. By saying that you can make yours work is fine, but doens’t solve the problem of everyone else. How about testing it yourself on a brand new install of WordPress, with the Twenty-Ten theme and the same plugin that you can download from the WP plugin site. Basically, testing it the same way the rest of us have to work with it.

    Sorry for the tone here, but just think it needs further testing that matches a scenario that the rest of the world would use. The plugin’s concept is top-notch, just needs more QA.

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    If it is not working for you, there must be a reason. And that usually means error on the server side or client side. Add another file not working points to JavaScript error. So, get me that error (Firebug or something similar) and I will see what the problem is. Not uploading files, can point to an error on the server side, and that also should be in the server error log.

    And than again, it might be only that you try to upload something that is not allow or falls outside the limits of file size set for the plugin or extensions allowed by the WordPress.

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    Thanks for your patience Millan. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I do again want to say that the concept of this plugin is fantastic. That’s why I want it to work for me so much.

    Here is what I’ve found .. which maybe you can answer on.

    In a brand new install of WordPress and the BBP 2 plugin (Your plugin is not installed yet); Upon page load, Firebug displays an error stating: ajaxurl is not defined

    When I remove the BBPress 2 plugin, the error goes away.

    Now, when I view your site here with Firebug, you’re not getting the “ajaxurl is not defined” error. Is there something set up in your theme to fix this error?

    So I’m suspecting that maybe something about that error with the BBPress plugin itself that is keeping your plugin for working correctly, since it shows up on a brand new install of everything (without your plugin being installed).

    Also, I’m not seeing anything show up in the server logs. I’m also trying to upload a 7kb jpg file as the admin user.

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    Hey Milan .. I figured out what the trouble is. I got the plugin working in the Twenty-Eleven theme. But here is what the problem is. By default, the Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven theme, does not init the jQuery library at all.

    So my mistake for thinking WordPress would have jQuery in their themes by default. HAHA! So in short, your plugin has a prerequisite of jQuery in order to work. I wouldn’t have caught this on any of my themes as I always use jQuery.

    But again, you have created a fantastic plugin here Millan. Thanks for providing this to the community!

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    I have some 15 demo installations of bbPress with different themes and plugins, and I have zero issues with it. Something in your case is breaking it, and same thing maybe is causing problems with upload. ajaxurl is required for bbPress for ajax calls to work, and I am sure that bbPress attempts to add that. If it is missing, something is causing that. I can’t help you much with that anyway. But, once you get all that to work, my plugin should be working. As I said, on very different setups I have no problems.

    And I can’t reproduce upload problems you have. So far there were 3-4 reports about upload problems, and all of them were related to plugin settings limits or with problems with upload in WordPress.

    In anycase, next version will have error logging to see why upload fails.

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    Well no, like I mentioned, I got it working. The only problem was that the Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven themes do not have jQuery installed in them. All I had to do was add to header.php. After that, the plugin was able to upload and everything works great!

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    There you go, problem solved. I will add FAQ entry for users that might also experience issues with missing jQuery.

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    I had similar problems as people writing to this thread. Mainly that files seemed not to be uploading at all and the message was displayed, but not the attachments. After several tests and trial/errors to see where the problem lied, I seemed to find a solution. Just as a note, I am not a seasoned WP user.

    First of, what I thought was the plugin not working correctly, were restrictions set by the Media Library. As I first tested with random files with very random filetypes and received NO error messages, I thought that the plugin was not functioning. After several tests, I found out that you have to comply with the filetypes allowed by the Media Library and the file size set by the plugin. At first, this issue was hard to locate, as there were no error messages describing why my files would not upload. So no error message if the filetype or filesize are wrong. Simple google-search allowed me to add more filetypes to the list of allowed filetypes.

    Secondly (and this is an actual case of plugin not functioning correctly) I had my forum set up on a WP page using bbPress shortcode ““. This helped me to easily set up the appearance of my forum page to my liking. By using this shortcode, it effectively stopped the attach functionality and also the “add new file” button stopped working. I could not attach files to topics, but I could do that in replies, as I had not shortcoded the topics pages. So here the solution was just to stop using the shortcoded page and refer to the actual forum page.

    So hopefully this message helps some people trying to figure out the same problems I had. I would like to see the plugin work on the shortcoded forum page also, as it would be a lot easier to modify the front page.

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    Thanks for your post. I will be including some of these things into FAQ for the plugin, and most importantly, next version (1.3) will have error logging to see why the upload failed when it does.

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